Change Your Circle

Everybody has a circle.

Yes, everybody.

Circle could be defined as:

1. The area within which someone acts, exerts influence, etc.
2. A group of people with a shared interests or acquaintances.

Thanks, Google.

In other words, each one of us has a select number of friends in which we share life constantly with. We might consider these people our: bunch, clique, crew, gang, pack, or even “squad”. Some of us might have small circles while some of us are a part of a maybe something bigger. Whatever the name or size of your circle, I want to teach you this:

You Can Create Change in Your Circle for God’s Glory.

Now let’s move forward using God’s word. In scripture, we see many circles but the most common circle throughout the New Testament we will look at is found in the Gospels. During Jesus’ ministry, he spent time with a circle of twelve. I don’t have to use or quote any scripture because you know this to be true. On the safe side, see Matthew 10:1-4.

Carrying on, Jesus was a part of a moderate sized circle with people who would end up as friends and mere brothers. Since Jesus only had such a short amount of time to be a part of this circle, He decided to seize every moment and opportunity to impact these men that would change their life forever. Jesus takes the initiative to impact these individual’s lives for God’s glory, and we can do the same.


What does Jesus teach in his sermon on the mount? This: “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”(Emphasis Added)

This passage lays out an opportunity for you and I to be a significant influence in our circles before others. Jesus directs all believers to practice godliness b e f o r e other people including our circles. So how can we let our light shine in our circles and before others? It’s easy when we follow the example of Christ.


  • Loved– This is where we should look first when it comes to what Christ did because love is who He was. Jesus loved people and it was evident. He cared for crowds having compassion on them and helping their sickness (Matthew 14:14). He loved by taking care of the needs of those around him (Matthew 15:32). Ultimately, Jesus loved by offering up His life for all. (Romans 5:8) Love those in your circle.
  • Served– Jesus came to serve. (Matthew 20:28) Even those who were closest to him. A prime example of this found in scripture is John 13. The master became a servant and chose to do something lowly with a servant’s heart. Serve your circle in humility.
  • Prayed– Prayer is a must when it comes to changing your circle. The greatest part you can play in your friendship is to intercede on their behalf. Jesus praying for Peter shows that great things will happen when we do this. Intercede for your circle. (Luke 22:32)
  • Shared– Jesus shared the gospel with people leading those who heard to respond with a new life. (John 4:10-14) What better people to share the gospel with than those who are in our circles. God gives us friends who are believers and unbelievers to encourage with the gospel and also present the gospel.
  • Helped– Jesus helped those who were in difficult situations. He found their need and met it. (John 5:8-9, Mark 5:8, 34) Each one of those people walked away with a changed life after being helped. When we help those who are closest to us, we are doing something that can change a life.

When we follow the example of Jesus before others, we will impact those surrounding us. This opportunity cannot be passed up because we only have one shot at furthering the Kingdom while on this Earth. Thank the Lord for the beautiful circle He has placed you in and trust Him to use you to point others to His glory.